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lymphatic drainage at sona wellness

The Ballancer® Pro - what is it?

The Ballancer® Pro system is a groundbreaking state-of-the-art compression therapy system that delivers a multi-faceted and effective answer to body maintenance, beauty, and wellness.


By stimulating the lymphatic system The Ballancer® Pro brings fast and reliable results in the most comfortable setting. The system gently and thoroughly decongests problem areas of the body and helps release fluids and toxins faster. The Ballancer® Pro is FDA approved and non-invasive.

Ballancer Pro
Ballancer Pro


A series of Ballancer® Pro treatments help flush out toxins and retained fluids, relieve muscular pains and aches and enhance circulation. Lymphatic drainage can reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Each session helps with circulation and getting freshly oxygenated blood to the cells and tissue, which can improve skin tone and smooth the skin. The relaxing abdominal massage can also help with digestive issues.


The Ballancer® Pro is also used for athletic recovery after an intense workout. Many professional athletes are able to gain a competitive edge by reducing their recovery time after intense workouts

Lymphatic Drainage
Packages + Pricing

20 Min Session


Single $60

3 pack $162      ($54 per session) 

6 pack $306      ($50 per session)

12 pack $575    ($48 per session)

24 pack $1100  ($45 per session)


40 Min Session

Single $109

3 pack $299      ($99 per session)

6 pack $550      ($91 per session)

12 pack $949    ($79 per session)

24 pack $1599  ($66 per session)

60 Min Sessions

Available by Request

All pricing is subject to applicable taxes

Ballancer Pro
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