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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition involves utilizing food and natural supplements to optimize your health, promote healing, and support your body in preventing illness and disease. At Sona Wellness, we can integrate nutrition programs with your colon hydrotherapy series to support gut health, or with sauna/cold plunge treatments for detox and health optimization, or an individualized program to support your health and wellness needs. 

Sona Detox + Wellness Program

4 Week Customized Meal Plan + Supplement Protocol

4 Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments

4 Sauna/Cold Plunge Sessions

Digestive Health Supplement Bundle


$899 without supplement bundle

All pricing is subject to applicable taxes

Green Smoothie

14 Day Detox + Wellness Program

At Sona Wellness, we offer a 14 day detox program to help you reach your wellness goals. The detox program includes a 14 Day Detox meal plan, a detox powder from FLVC Wellness, Clarifying Detox Tea from Chai Baba, and both our Colon Hydrotherapy and Sauna/Cold Plunge Treatments to help facilitate and support your detox. Option to add on The Ballancer Pro at a discounted price.

Starting from $649

Smoothie Ingredients
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