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Give the Gift of Health

Updated: Feb 1

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! However, gift giving can be stressful + costly.

Sona Wellness has many different offers for treatments, or even just a gift card so your loved one can choose what they would like to try at Sona! Even just gifting your loved one a cold plunge + sauna (options as low as $25) could be a great stocking stuffer and little nudge for them to do some self-care. We all know that stubborn someone that won't invest in themselves, and probably needs it more than ever? We know even 15 minute in a sauna can help decrease stress + detoxify the body, and the cold plunge can instantly make you feel revitalized.

If you know know someone that can benefit from the treatments at Sona Wellness, and something they wouldn't personally buy for themselves, this is your chance to treat them, as everyone deserves the gift of health!

Our Sauna + Cold Plunge Packages start as low as $25, and we also offer Duo Packs so you AND your loved one can come experience the sauna + cold plunge together (this has been becoming popular!) Our sauna + cold plunge sessions can be purchased in 20 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute sessions, and packages range from a single treatment, to packages of 10.

We are also heading into the New Year, and despite the resolutions you make, it's never a bad time to cleanse and detox out 2022! Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle treatment that cleanses the colon, and detoxifies the liver. Something everyone can benefit given our Western culture and stresses to the body (environment, food, alcohol, skin products, etc). Cleansing helps our body function better. Physically, emotionally, and mentally! We are also still offering our Sona Intro Pack (sauna + cold plunge & a colon hydrotherapy session for $139 which is a perfect option for someone to try both treatments out at Sona Wellness.

Lastly, we have our 2023 Detox + Wellness Package which offers 4 colon hydrotherapy sessions, 4 sauna + cold plunge sessions, 4 weeks of nutrition planning (including recipes and a grocery list), and an option to add on our favourite gut health supplements to help restore your gut!

A gift card can be purchased over the phone 250-763-2211, through email at with your desired amount, or you can actually purchase a gift card right online! You just have to make sure you create a profile, and then you will have access to purchasing a gift card. You can do this at HERE on our Jane App!

Happy Holidays + a Wonderful New Year! Hope to see you all in 2023 <3

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