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Happy Bum Coffee Enemas at Sona!

Updated: Jan 26

Sona Wellness has officially launched the coffee enema, along with the other amazing products from Happy Bum Co which we will summarize in this blog.

But first, what IS the Coffee Enema, what are the benefits, and how does it differ from a colonic?

Kelly from Sona Wellness with Happy Bum Co products

A coffee enema is pretty much what it sounds like. Putting coffee into an enema bag, releasing it into the colon, holding for 12-15 minutes, and releasing! But what is so specific about using coffee specifically? The caffeine in coffee and other compounds can stimulate the liver and enhance it's natural detoxification processes. It can increase glutathione production (our most powerful antioxidant) by 600-700%!

Other benefits include stimulating bile flow from the gallbladder, flushing out other bacteria such as heavy metals, yeast, parasites, and fungus, improves blood flow circulation, increases overall digestive function and may relieve constipation, strengthens immunity, and improves cellular regeneration.

How does it differ from a colonic? Colonics are about a 45 minute treatment of colon cleansing using just water, whereas with a coffee enema, you hold about a liter of coffee in your colon for 12-15 minutes and then release, with again more of a focus on liver detoxification, versus a colonic where we are doing a slower process of cleansing the colon. You can read more about colon hydrotherapy HERE.

At Sona Wellness, when you book a coffee enema, we have you book a colonic first, so that we can ensure you are more emptied in your colon so that you have a better chance at holding the coffee for the ideal 12 minutes, especially if it is your first time. We also have coffee enema kits, that come with your own enema bag, along with a bag of Happy Bum Beans, so you can continue your coffee enemas at home to continue your detox journey if you'd like!

Who can benefit from a coffee enema? Well, we may be a little biased over at Sona, but everyone can benefit from some liver detoxification support! But more specifically, if you experience digestive issues like bloating or constipation, chronic fatigue, brain fog, poor immune function, hormonal imbalances, long term use of pharmaceuticals, or poor liver function, then coffee enemas may be beneficial in helping assisting your healing journey and improve your overall well-being.

Kelly from Sona Wellness holding a coffee enema bag

Along with coffee enemas, we also offer therapeutic implants, and oral blends, all from the amazing company Happy Bum Co. that we are so happy to partner with here at Sona.

These products include:

Happy Bum Biotics: Designed specifically for improving gut health and contains the LactoSpore Bacillius which is scientifically proven to help relieve symptoms of IBS and IBS. This is a bacteria that colonises right in the colon and when inserted with a bulb straight to the source has an extremely high success rate of absorption - which many probiotics lack. Happy Bum Bioitic also contains a Pre Biotic fibre called Acacia Gum to help feed healthy bacteria in the gut. This blend repopulates the gut with good bacteria which is essential for a healthy gut microbiome, especially when detoxing regularly.

Happy Bum Calm: This perfectly designed relaxation, calm and natural stress relief blend has some powerful ingredients to help bring you back to earth, help regulate the nervous system, lower your cortisol and allow your body to rest.

Stress is the number one cause of inflammation, leading to irritable bowel, auto immune disorders, chronic disease, hormone imbalances and our inability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Happy Bum Women's Hormone Support: Designed to boost healthy hormone function and communication. Hormones are sacred chemical messengers, firing important information and directions about your health all throughout your body. Hormones affect our growth, brain function, sex drive, weight, reproduction, skin, gut, emotions and so much more.

Happy Bum Gut Greens: Gut Greens combines alkalising greens with digestive enzymes to give you the perfect blend of nutrients you need to keep your digestion healthy.

Happy Bum Soothe: Provides anti-inflammatory support, and includes turmeric, ginger aloe-vera, and chamomile, and is especially potent in the gut and gets absorbed right into the bloodstream to decrease inflammation. Turmeric has been shown to help prevent disease, shrink tumors, fight off cold and flu, ginger is a known anti inflammatory as are the other ingredients. Camomile works to soothe and calm the intestines and can help promote a restful sleep. This blend is a must for anyone with aches and pains, poor immune system, any underlying inflammation or even diarrhea.

Happy Bum Mag: a natural colon cleanser, great for softening the stool, and increases colon cleansing results if getting a colonic or doing enemas. If you experience constipation regularly, this should be added to your supplement regimen.

Happy Bum Gut Scrub: A gentle exfoliator for your gut, and acts as a binder for your detoxification process. It also supports bloating relief, and helps eliminate parasites and candida. It is made up from 100% Diatomaceous Earth, and made up of natural minerals rich in silica, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

Whether you come in and try one or all, these blends, along with a colonic and/or coffee enema will undoubtedly support your body and detoxifying processes. Inflammation is the driver for chronic disease, so ensuring your body is eliminating, and decreasing your toxic load will help support this, leaving you feeling your absolute best, and also playing a role in disease prevention, 2 things we are extremely passionate about here at Sona.

Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask any questions regarding colonics, coffee enemas, or any general questions about gut health! You can email Kelly at directly, or if you're ready to start your detox and gut health journey, book online HERE.

Happy Gut, Happy Life!

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