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Sona Wellness + Detox Program

Updated: Feb 1

Well, it's finally here! A program that encompasses ALL that Sona Wellness has to offer. Packaged into one little program for you to easily commit to, readily digest the info, and implement everything into a 4 week timeline and get results!

If you've been reading the blog you'll know that I am also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and teaching others about the importance of food as medicine is truly my passion. Ensuring our digestive system is working optimally is so important for our health. Our health right now, and in the future.

We expect our digestive system to be doing it's job correctly, when consuming food, don't we? We expect it to somehow magically grind it all up, sort it out, use the good, eliminate the bad, all without noise or complaint, and still leave us with loads of energy. But even if you DON'T have negative digestive symptoms (bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, nausea) these symptoms can manifest in other ways. Asthma, arthritis, weakened immunity, allergies, sinus issues, obesity, irregular menses or PMS issues, headaches, psoriasis, depression, anxiety, brain fog, chronic fatigue... the list goes on.

Of course, doing a series of colon hydrotherapy, or a package of the sauna + cold plunge, or even a 4 week nutrition plan all separately can help improve your health, but the magic happens when we combine all of these healing forces into one, along with some accountability and a step-by-step program to follow.

Kelly from Sona Wellness making a nutritious smoothie

Let's start with how the program works. Just a quick note, you have to be local to Kelowna, or the Okanagan so you can have access to Sona Wellness Clinic for the in person treatments. If not, please contact me HERE to apply for online nutrition coaching, and I would be happy to chat with you the different programs I offer online with 1:1 weekly coaching calls + meal plans to help you reach your goals!

First thing is first, we will have either a zoom call or in-person 30 minute consultation to go over your health goals, current digestive/health issues, and to make sure the program is right for you.

During the 4 weeks, you will have 4 colon hydrotherapy sessions, ideally all one week apart. This is also when we will do our weekly check-ins. You will also get 4 45 Minute (called the Sona Dip) Sauna + Cold Plunge Sessions. These can be done before/after your colonic, or booked another time during the week. Once we have decided to go ahead with the program, we will book all of the appointments so you know exactly what to expect, and can plan your month accordingly.

You will get a 4 week meal plan tailored to your individual needs, depending on your health and weight loss goals, and yes, even food preferences. These meal plans come with simple recipes + and grocery shopping list. They can be made for yourself, or if your family is supportive we can ensure you make enough for the whole crew!

You will also be provided with my top 3 supplements to support gut health (at an additional cost), and a recommended list of other vitamins and supplements that can be helpful on your journey. I will also provide you with tons of information about gut health, biohacking tips, and other lifestyle tips to help you on your detox + weight loss journey.

This is essentially the same protocol I used to heal my gut. Weight loss wasn't even one of my main goals, but it was amazing the inflammation that went down, and weight I lost once I detoxed and cleansed my system, balanced my microbiome, nourished my liver to help support hormone health, and fuelled by body properly for once.

Kelly from Sona Wellness' body transformation

This 4 Week Program starts at $1049 or $899 without the supplements! That is a small price to pay for health transformation in just 4 weeks! And for anybody that loved the nutrition piece and wants to continue forward, you will get a great discount to finish off the 12 week program with an additional 8 Week Meal Plan. There is also an option to add in The Ballancer Pro at a super discounted rate (I'm talking even LESS than the presales!)

It is a surefire way to kickstart the New Year and focus on your digestive health, nourishing food + supplements, and try something new! This program runs year long, so if you missed it in the New Year, you can start any time :)

Let's crush those health goals, I'm here to help every step of the way.

Please email call the clinic at 250-763-2211, or DM us on Instagram if you have any questions or want to get started!

May 2023 bring you all Health + Happiness <3

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