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Updated: Feb 1

It feels a little surreal sitting here writing about my dream business! Something I have dreamt of for a very long time, and finally I have watched it come to life. Along with my website, I want to create a resource with all the extra information for you guys! From tips to cold plunging, benefits of using our infrared sauna, what NOT to eat post colon hydrotherapy session, and other general tips on health and wellness. I'll post about our favourite brands that Sona Wellness will be carrying to support our gut and optimize your health, and maybe a few recipes that will help keep you nourished throughout the seasons!

But first, what is Sona Wellness?

Sona Wellness logo

I wanted a name that aligned with my core values around health. A name that associated with positive words. 'SONA' means good fortune, prosperous, happiness, and lucky in Scottish + Irish Gaelic (my family has a scottish background). I truly believe surrounding yourself by positive energy can have an incredible influence on our health! From relationships, to our self-talk, to even the words that we consume daily. This was important to me.

'WELLNESS' was a term I was excited to use. To me, wellness means feeling your best, leading a healthy lifestyle, and incorporating healthy habits into your life! Such as eating a nutritious diet, engaging in hot/cold therapy regularly, and having a detox practice such as colon hydrotherapy. Of course there are many other habits you can add into your life such as meditating, exercising or practicing yoga, prioritizing sleep, and so on. I wanted Sona Wellness to be a small piece of your wellness journey by offering treatments not everyone will have access to in their own home.

The opposite of wellness is illness, and after nearly a decade of working as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in a hospital setting on a psychiatric ward, illness was the main focus. Both mental illness and physical illness. This was a terminology that did not serve the patient, and I truly believe that we as health practitioners should be empowering our patients to take responsibility for their health while offering resources and support.

The downward triangle is simply the element for 'water.' I truly believe the foundation for health is hydrotherapy. Making sure we hydrate properly, using water for detoxification during colon hydrotherapy, or the freezing cold water in cold plunging, water is incredibly important for our health.

Simple treatments, BIG results.

Regardless of where you are in your health journey, Sona Wellness will be a welcoming space for anyone. Whether you are dealing with a chronic disease, our Sauna/Cold Plunge + Colon Hydrotherapy + Nutrition services can help support the body in it's healing journey by removing toxins/stimulating the lymphatic system/decreasing inflammation in the body, and much more including stimulating the vagus nerve to improve our mental health.

Or you already feel healthy and vibrant, but want to add practices into your life to help improve cellular health and optimize total well-being, and take steps to improve your overall health so that you can reduce your risk for illness in the future.

Services offered at Sona Wellness include Colon Hydrotherapy. This is the gentle cleansing of the large colon, which helps remove toxins + bad bacteria, improve digestive health, promote better absorption of nutrients, and much more. Keep following the Sona Blog to learn more about Colon Hydrotherapy and it's amazing benefits.

And then we have our Sona Spa. A medical grade infrared sauna (seating for 3 people, so perfect to bring a friend + have extra room!), as well as a Cold Plunge tank with an ozonated filtration system that cools down to a breezy 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold therapy, as well as hot/cold therapy where you cycle between the equipment has been a traditional healing therapy for hundreds and hundreds of years.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am extremely passionate about utilizing food as medicine + the amazing benefits diet can have for both our physical and mental health. Sona Wellness also offers nutrition programs to help support you along with the other treatments offered at the clinic. This could be a diet to support you in your candida or parasite cleanse, a diet to help limit sugar to reduce inflammation, a diet to help nourish your gut to rid leaky gut symptoms, or simply just a cleaner diet to help optimize your digestion and feel more energized.

Lastly, we carry only our favourite brands such as Avena Originals + Designs for Health to ensure you are getting the best quality supplements to support your health journey.

Our grand opening is this Saturday, Nov 26th from 1-5 pm! There will be local charcuterie and kombucha, prizes, a cold plunge competition, and Holiday Gift Cards!

If you have any questions at all about our treatments or Sona Wellness, please don't hesitate to reach out at

Thank you for following along and being on this journey with me!

Kelly <3

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