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Sauna + Cold Plunge

The Polar Dip

The Polar Dip is a 20 minute Sauna + Cold Plunge Contrast Hydrotherapy Experience. It is quick and exhilharation, traditionally follows the 4 minute hot sauna alternating with a 1 minute cold immersion, and go on to repeat 3 times. Typically used for recovery, or those that just want a quick sauna + cold plunge. Benefits of this contrast therapy are primarily used for sports recovery and pain management, as this technique aims to increase blood circulation throughout the body.​

Packages Available:

Single Polar Dip      $25*

3 Pack Polar Dip     $70*

5 Pack Polar Dip     $110*

10 Pack Polar Dip   $215*

*all pricing is subject to applicable taxes

The Sona Dip

The Sona Dip is a 40 minute relaxing experience, and is more of a traditional nordic technique of contrast hydrotherapy. Timing is typically 10-15 minutes in the hot sauna, followed by a 3 minute cold plunge, and repeating through twice, ending on cold. Benefits of this technique include: 

Immune system support

Increase blood flow

Reduce chronic pain

Increase metabolism

Boost in energy/mitochondria health

Elevate mood

Better sleep

Practice discipline

Increase resilience

Lower inflammation

Reduce muscle soreness

Boost performance

Packages include:

Single Sona Dip    $42*

3 Pack Sona Dip    $120*

5 Pack Sona Dip    $200*

10 Pack Sona Dip   $390*  

Single Sona Duo Dip   $65*

3 Pack Sona Duo Dip   $180* 

5 Pack Sona Duo Dip   $300*

10 Pack Duo Dip          $610*

*all pricing is subject to applicable taxes

Image by Anne Nygård
60 Min Sona Dip

The 60 minute dip is for those that want a little more time in the Sona Spa, and can take their time cycling between the hot sauna and cold plunge. This is more of a relaxing experience, but still therapeutical and includes the same benefits as the shorter periods of contrast therapy. The 60 Min Dip is also ideal for couples/friends wanting the Duo Dip.

Single 60 min Dip.       $55*

3 Pack 60 min Dip.      $155*

5 Pack 60 min Dip.      $260*

10 Pack 60 min Dip.    $500*

Single 60 min Duo Dip.     $75*

3 Pack 60 min Duo Dip      $210*

5 Pack 60 min Duo Dip      $350*

10 Pack 60 min Duo Dip.    $650*

Please note, using the cold plunge tank is not mandatory in any of the packages, and you can simply just spend your chosen amount of time in the Sona Sauna.

*all pricing is subject to applicable taxes

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